New Owner

by J.v.G. technology GmbH (comments: 0)

To all managers and anyone who is interested.
As already said, we are having a new partner working with us.
From now on the operational business will be done by the company „J. v. G. Technology GmbH“.
If this company is yet unknown to you, maybe some of you may know the football manager game „Kings of Football“, which is provided by this company.
We will now start working to unite these 2 games, which will make a benefit for everyone, especially for the users.
After my announcement to quit with the Goal Manager, some of the interested users already started playing this game alternatively.
It's not the same system and gameplay as the Goal Manager, but both games got advantages and disadvantages.
Together with the responsible persons of KoF, we will unite the good things of both games and work on improvements in the future.
We cannot tell exactly at the moment how we'll do this and what programming platform we will use for it.
Anyhow, both games can learn from each other.
Further news about it will be published by KoF within the next few days.

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