Company History

Goal Games is based in Berlin and was founded in March 2012 by Arne Bahnsen. As mobile game developers we focus on making management simulation games for mobile phones supporting Android and iOS.
Our first game, "Goal Manager" (Now "Goal 15: Be A Football Manager" to reflect the improvements and updates we have made to the game) was developed in only six months. It was released in November 2012 in Switzerland and is now available worldwide.

Goal Games is mainly privately funded, but it is additionally backed by the Innovation Bank Berlin (Innovationsbank Berlin).


Currently the Goal Games Team consists of ten employees. The IT and the game design team continually improve our mobile football manager game. Additionally, the team is working on new mobile game ideas. The marketing department deals with the worldwide user acquisition and takes care of our community, while sales negotiates new ingame sponsorship deals for GOAL 15: Be A Football Manager.

Our Goal

With the growth of the mobile market in the last years, we have learned that it is very important for companies to reach out to their mobile customers in different ways and not just through banner advertisements. That is why we offer new mobile advertising methods to reach potential customers.

We also provide our customers with a great game experience without any in-game purchases or any other forms of payment within the game.

Our concept underlines the free game experience and combines it with innovative mobile advertement. On one hand our advertising solution benefits from the high involvement of our customers in our games and on the other we give the advertisers a great tool to get involved in an innnovative way to present customers with their products and brands.

This project was co-financed by the european union -EFRE-.


Arne Bahnsen
Founder & CEO

I established Goal Games, because I had enough of paying football manager simulations and other games with in-game purchases or pay-to-win options. We developed GOAL 15: Be A Football Manager, which is completely free and we will keep it free with no in-app purchases. To work for Goal Games is fun but strenuous work. We have a very international and professional team and I really enjoy working with them!

Lukas Pitz

Besides promoting our GOAL 15: Be A Football Manager game, I am getting in touch with our community and I am replying our support requests. Furthermore, I am helping our game design team with the development of our mobile football manager game. In the game and within our forum, you can find me under my nickname "LukPi" or my team name "FC Schöneberg". See you in the game!