Goal Games News

Special campaign

by Admin

To celebrate our company's 1st anniversary and because of the recent problems with the Goal Coin videos we would like to make a gift for you. From monday, January 16th you'll get 20 "regular" adverts (100 Coins per day) in the Goal Coin section for one week. We would like to say thank you to the community and all managers for your cooperation and for your faithfulness, we really appreciate that! If you still get coin-videos instead of FullScreen-Banners, please install the latest update.

Goal Coins System

by Admin

Hello Manager. Unfortunately the coin videos aren't yet working as they should. While we do further adjustments with our advertising partner and while we test and improve the coin video system, we would still like to give you the opportunity to earn your daily 50 coins by watching 10 very quick advertising screens. Use the opportunity to collect easy earned coins! It may be necessary to completely reinstall the app if something is not working perfectly. If you got any problems, you can always contact us. The changes will follow with the next update 3.10.0

Old versions will be shut down

by Admin

With the last version of the app we changed our advertising partner. Because of that we will shut down all older version on January 7th. So please download version 3.9.97 for Android respectively 3.9.98 for iOS.